Quiz: Toxic Ex

Instructional Guide

Take our quick quiz to find out whether this affects you. If you want guidance to think through your choices and to get advice click the button.

Get a piece of paper and for each question and jot down your answer - either A, B or C.

Do this for all the questions then scroll down the page.


Question 1

How do I know if I’m in a toxic relationship?

  • A. I feel worthless and beaten down emotionally and physically.
  • B. I love my partner and regardless of the way we treat each other, we need to stay together.
  • C. Sometimes I feel I need to leave and one of us repents and the cycle starts again.

Question 2

How should I deal with a toxic relationship?

  • A. I have a plan I know I am leaving and setting up a new life.
  • B. I am staying because we love each other and I’m sure we can work it out.
  • C. There is a cycle and when it’s great we are a team and when it’s bad it’s hideous - it’s getting worse.

Question 3

Does the way we communicate show our relationship is bad?

  • A. I get hundreds of texts a day flip flopping from pleading to rudeness.
  • B. When we make up after a row I feel confident we can get through this bad patch.
  • C. Sometimes we are nice to each other and sometimes we are not.


Click on the boxes to get your answer.

If You Mainly Answered A
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You have chosen to leave and learning how to manage communication with your ex is important now.

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If You Mainly Answered B
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Sounds like you want to stay together. Get some professional help together so you can learn how to improve your relationship skills.

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If You Mainly Answered C
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Start documenting what happens and when so that you have a firm basis for any future decision you make. Can you talk together about the things that trigger the bad times?

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